Our Response to Covid-19

The Rangeley Inn has always prioritized the safety of our guests and employees, and the threat of COVID-19 makes our efforts even more relevant.  We strive to provide exceptionally clean guest rooms and common areas, and we are now building on our already stringent standards with additional guidelines.

We believe that transparency is essential in maintaining the trust that we have earned from our guests who return year after year, and for establishing trust with new visitors to the Rangeley Lakes Region.  To that effect, we are publishing the guidelines that have been provided to everyone on our team, so that our guests have a comprehensive understanding of what we are doing to maintain a safe and healthy facility.​  If you have questions or feedback on these guidelines, please contact us.


Partial Reopening

The Rangeley Inn features two buildings: the historic inn, and the waterfront Haley Pond Lodge.  The latter is a 15-unit motel building with separate entrances for all units.  We are planning to reopen in phases, initially with just the Haley Pond Lodge for Maine residents on June 1, 2020.  Out-of-state residents may place reservations if they intend to abide by the 14-day quarantine requirement.  The state is working on alternatives to this quarantine requirement that would permit it to be lifted during the summer.  The following protocols are based on operating only the Haley Pond Lodge.



Initially breakfast will not be offered.  We are considering options to safely resume this service.


Full Reopening

Based on our experience in the partial reopening, and on the volume of business, we will consider reopening the main inn building and resuming breakfast service - ideally by July 1.  If we are able to proceed with a full reopening, an updated and more comprehensive plan will be shared.


Call ahead or online reservations are required.  A sign on the front door will explain our protocol, so that a guest arriving without a reservation may call and place a reservation while adhering to the safety protocols.


Virtual Check-In

Prior to arrival, guests will complete a Virtual Check-In.  All guests will need to self-certify that they are a Maine resident, or they intend to abide by the 14-day quarantine requirement.


We will remind guests that they should cancel for a full refund if the following apply to anyone in their group:


  1. They have had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

  2. They have, in the last 14 days, had fever greater than 100, difficulty breathing, or cough.

  3. They are currently experiencing fever over 100, difficulty breathing or cough.



Arrival time has been pushed from 2pm back to 4pm to permit additional time for cleaning.  Arriving guests who have completed the Virtual Check-In will be able to proceed directly to their assigned room.  Those who have not will need to call the front desk from their vehicle, and our front desk staff will provide instructions for contactless check-in.  Payment will be charged to the credit card on file.  Cash payments will not be accepted.



Guests will leave their keys in the room when they depart.  We will ask that they call the front desk to inform us.  There is no need for in-person contact at check-out.  All keys will be sterilized by housekeeping staff before they are returned to the front desk.



Our cancellation policy has been modified, permitting for a full refund on reservations cancelled due to symptoms of COVID-19 or if changes in state guidelines prevent a guest from visiting.

Employee Guidelines

  • Employees are provided with a copy of the State of Maine general checklist for COVID-19, as well as a copy of the Lodging Industry Guidance.

  • Nitrile gloves, disposable masks, and antimicrobial washable cloth masks are provided to all employees. N95 masks are available for housekeeping if we suspect that a guest has been ill. Employees are provided with training on the proper use of masks and gloves.

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are located by the front desk and in employee workspaces.

  • Employees are being assigned to work in separate zones and asked to avoid entering another employee’s zone.  We are reducing in-person contact and using phones to communicate.

  • Employees are required to wear cloth face coverings.

  • Glove wearing is required when cleaning, while working in guest rooms, or when touching shared items.  It is encouraged at all other times.

  • Employees are advised to wash their hands frequently and whenever they remove gloves.

  • Any employee with symptoms that bear any similarity to COVID-19 is being asked to stay home.

  • Lunch breaks should be taken outside, in a vehicle, or off premises.  No food may be stored in the hotel kitchen and no dishes or utensils from the kitchen may be used.

  • Touch points in high traffic areas are being cleaned and sanitized at least 4 times daily.

  • Staff restrooms are being cleaned and sanitized twice daily.



Until we have determined it is safe for our housekeepers to enter a guest room during occupancy, we will not be offering daily housekeeping service.  If a guest would like their trash removed, fresh towels, or other amenities, they may contact the front desk.


  • The guest will be asked to leave their bagged trash or towels outside their door.

  • Fresh towels or other amenities will be left outside the door in a clean plastic bag.

  • If there is an event that requires staff to enter a guest room during a guest’s stay, the guest will be asked to leave the room until the work has been completed.


Upon check-out, housekeepers will open windows and then completely strip all bedding, including mattress pads and spare blankets.  All towels, including unused towels, will be stripped.  Laundry will be bagged separately inside the room and immediately transported to the laundry room, not gathered in or near closets or areas where other guests may be walking.


The room will be left to ventilate for a minimum of one hour before housekeepers return to begin cleaning.


All surfaces will be cleaned following our normal protocol, and then all surfaces will be sanitized.  Special attention will be given to touch points:


  • Door handles and door surfaces, trim around doors.

  • Light switches

  • Thermostats

  • Coffee makers, refrigerators, microwaves

  • Lamps

  • Alarm clocks

  • Phones

  • Remotes (these have been replaced with “Clean Remotes”)

  • Window locks/handles

  • Wands and cords for window blinds or shades

  • Hangers

  • Drawer handles

  • Headboards, nightstands

  • All bathroom fixtures, with extra attention to handles, flush lever, toilet paper holder, and hair dryers.

  • Magazines and paper informational materials are being removed from rooms.


Only one housekeeper shall be assigned per room, and their assignment must be documented for purposes of contact tracing.  If maintenance work is needed, this must also be documented for contact tracing.  Once housekeeping has sanitized the room it must not be re-entered prior to occupancy.



All linens, towels, and cleaning rags/cloths are brought to the laundry room in bags and fed directly from the bag into the washing machine.  No laundry is being sorted or shaken.  Bags are then disposed.  Laundry staff wear PPE while working.  Clean linens are bagged for transport to storage closets and rooms. Laundry carts will be sanitized before they are used to transport clean linens.   Folding surfaces are sanitized between loads.


Guest Resources

Our front desk provides a variety of local information, brochures, and necessities that may have been forgotten at home – such as toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Guests may request additional supplies for their room, such as toiletries, tissues, towels, and trash bags.  Ice, coffee packets, and tea packets are also available.  They may call the front desk and these items will be delivered to their room.



Kayaks and canoes are available to use on Haley Pond.  Guests will complete a waiver and a sanitized life vest and paddle will be delivered to their room.  The boats are stored in an enclosure near Haley Pond.  Upon returning, guests will be asked to leave their life jacket and paddle in the boat that they used and to call the front desk to inform us they have finished.  Then, a staff member will sanitize the boat, paddle, and life jacket, and bring the paddle and life jacket back inside.


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