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The Rangeley Inn

The Rangeley Inn has been welcoming visitors to Rangeley since 1909...

Some say it was built in 1908, and others say 1877... so we'll just say "turn of the century". Regardless, The Rangeley Inn has been around longer than any of us, and it offers a chance to experience the opulent history of Maine's lakes and mountains.

The Rangeley Inn was built in sections and attached together over time. The main section of the Inn, where you will find our lobby and dining room, was built in 1907 and 1908. It opened in 1909. The Ellis Wing (left side of the Inn in the historic photo at left) was built in 1900 and attached to the Inn around 1920. The Tavern Wing (right side) was expanded in the 1940s.

Historic panorama of The Rangeley Inn
The Rangeley Inn Parlor

The Rangeley Inn is the last of nearly a dozen grand hotels that once hosted visitors arriving by train from Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, to experience the region's stunning natural beauty and sporting heritage.

The legacy of hospitality continues, as we welcome guests from around the world, to share our unique and beautiful corner of Maine.

Haley Pond in Autumn
The Rangeley Inn with antique cars
Historic postcard from The Rangeley Inn
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